R.G.C.C.is a Swiss company whose activity is working with medical genetics, in particular with the genetics of cancer (chemosensitivity and chemoresistance). The primary aim lies in the potential to provide access to most of the information which may be useful in the treatment for cancer patients who seek the best possible personalized and integrated treatment.

The tests are prepared in a simple manner, with peripheral blood samples of 20-40 ml.

The analysis is used to isolate the malignant cells, to determine the type of the cancer and the potential existence of metastatic cells. The severity of the disease is also determined on basis of the number of cells in ml units in the blood, along with the invasiveness of the disease.

Determining what the existing malignant cells are sensitive or resistant to is very important. The sensitivity and resistance shall be determined for all known medicaments and supplements.

BIOMED AID is a representative of the R.G.C.C. laboratories for the Balkan region.

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