Integrative oncology

Integrative oncology is a treatment method which combines conventional methods, treatments with natural medicaments and onco-hyperthermia. Integrative oncology can be seen as a practice which combines the best elements of all scientifically proven therapies. The objective lies in the improvement of the health condition of the patient, by using effective, safe and less toxic forms of therapy, whenever possible.

The integrative oncological treatment is carried out on basis of the principle of individual access. Each patient is treated separately and the therapy is defined on basis of an analysis prepared in the R.G.C.C. laboratory.


Dendritic therapy

The human body creates malignant cells everyday. The immune system battles with them in such a way that it creates an antigen that prevents their proliferation, or feeding with material from the bloodstream. So they die and the body expels them from the body in various ways. The transporter of these antigens is antibodies. They circulate and transmit the antigen. When antibodies miss any of the malignant cells, an oncological disease occurs, or the malignant cells begin to multiply. In order to improve the system of fighting in the body, laboratory-produced antibodies called dendritic cells are introduced. Antigen is produced in the laboratory, placed on laboratory-produced antibodies and returned to the body. Antibodies are additionally stimulated to propagate massively in the body.



Onco-hyperthermia is a therapeutic method for treatment of cancer. It is applied most frequently in combination with chemo-therapy, radio-therapy and other treatments, such as immunotherapy, therapy with dendritic cells etc.

Independently of the other treatment methods, onco-hyperthermia can be a very beneficial method of stimulation of the immune system, which has great contributions in the battle with malignant diseases. Onco-hyperthermia is an adopted medical treatment in all EU countries, USA and all other medically developed countries.

Ionizing radiation is not included in the onco-hyperthermia treatments, which makes this treatment a safe solution for patients, the medical staff, the auxiliary staff and the environment.

In Europe, the onco-hyperthermia treatments are scientifically accepted and approved by the European Society for Hyperthermic Oncology (ESHO).

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