BIOMED AID offers general tests for discovery of CTC’s cells, along with tests for specific carcinoma types, including breast carcinoma, carcinoma of the large intestine, prostate carcinoma, malignant melanoma and sarcoma….
These tests permit:
1. Detection of early signs of carcinoma in formation.
2. Aid for monitoring of the existing carcinomas.
3. Preparation of an individual profile and about the medications which can be used to treat the carcinoma, and therapeutic methods and natural substances which can be used to obtain the best possible effects from the treatment.
A qualitative analysis shall also be prepared, particularly with a percentual testing of the sensitivity of the medications and the therapy for treatment of the carcinoma, such as: Cytostatics, radiotherapy, onco-hyperthermia, monoclonal antibodies, supplements….


Sensitivity of cytostatics.
Provide information about the effect of individual medications on the carcinoma cells of the patient.

Onconomics Plus

Detection of the sensitivity to cytostatics, targeted therapies (monoclonal antibodies and inhibitors) and natural substances.
This test covers the information provided with the Onconomics test. Furthermore, this test also includes an assessment of the effectiveness of the natural biological substances and natural extracts on the malignant cells.

Onconomics Extracts

Examination of the sensitivity exclusively for the natural substances.
Provide information about the effectiveness of natural biological substances or extracts on the malignant cells.



Determining the number of CTC cells.
Provide information only with regards to the presence and the concentration of circulating tumour cells.


Determining the number of CTC cells and immunophenotypes for certain specific types of malignant diseases.
This test is an example of customized tests for specific types of malignant disease such as breast carcinoma and prostate carcinoma. This test only contains markers which are relevant for a specific type of malignant diseases which in turn make this test an excellent tool for controlled monitoring of the course of the disease.


Determining the number of CTC cells and immunophenotypes for all types of malignant diseases. This test provides information about the presence of circulating tumor cells, their concentration and their immunophenotype.

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